Social Networking in Toronto: A Guide for Legal Support Professionals

Building your professional network is essential to career success, but many legal support professionals don’t realize that a strong professional network can be built on the foundation of a strong overall social network.

By combining both online and offline tools, legal support professionals can make connections, foster relationships, and gain the support and insight they need to build strong careers in their chosen field.

Here’s how:

Take a deep dive into your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn began as a relatively sparse website for making professional connections, offering little more than the chance to create a digital resume. Today, the site supports community forums and even serves as a blogging platform. LinkedIn can easily serve as the hub of your online networking approach.

Build a social media presence that supports your professional side.

It’s easy to let family, friends and personal concerns take up the bulk of your time on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Snapchat. Often, you don’t need to overhaul these accounts entirely for them to serve a professional purpose as well – but you do need to polish them up. Learn to use privacy settings, review your past posts and create a profile that lets you manage your personal life while supporting your professional image.

Connect through your alma mater.

Nearly all schools have both online and offline options for building your network and staying in touch with former classmates who now work as fellow professionals. And introductions are easy: You both have your alma mater in common.

Show you care in person.

While social media allows us to stay in touch more efficiently, it doesn’t have the personal feel of meeting face to face. Make time at least once each month to meet with a member of your social and professional network in person. Connect over coffee, take a lunchtime walk in one of Toronto’s many parks or museums, or plan time to get together during a conference or similar event.

Work with a recruiter.

Your recruiter can open a world of connections, both online and in the Toronto area. Start here for personalized tips on bolstering your own social network, as well as introductions to the right people to help you move your career forward.

At Kent Legal, our recruiters help legal support professionals connect with employers and expand their social and professional networks within the greater Toronto area. To learn more, contact us today.