3 Fantastic Jobs Available in Law Offices

It’s easy to think of law offices as a place only lawyers work. Yet lawyers rely on other staff members to help them provide the best possible legal services to clients. Here are three fantastic jobs available in Toronto-area law offices – and you don’t even need to be a lawyer in order to excel… Read More »

Tips on Reducing Stress in a High Intensity Legal Career

The legal field can be rewarding, but it can also be stressful. Chronic stress reduces productivity and increases health problems over time. People who experience excessive work stress report higher levels of anxiety and depression, fatigue and muscle pain, trouble sleeping, and difficulty concentrating or maintaining interest in work.  To push back against stress and… Read More »

How to Land the Best Legal Talent in the GTA

Competition for top legal talent can be fierce, particularly in a busy market like the greater Toronto area. To attract the best talent, law firms and legal departments may need to rethink their staffing strategy.  Here’s how to engage outstanding legal professionals:  Tell the story of the job.  Posting a list of job duties and… Read More »

2020 Ontario Legal Industry Update

The legal industry moves quickly, especially in Ontario. Here are some of the top issues to keep in mind as the legal field heads into 2020.  Equitable doctrine, trust reporting requirements change the face of estate law.  An Ontario court is reconsidering the doctrine of unconscionable procurement in an estate case for the first time in… Read More »

5 Trends That Are Changing the Legal Industry

The legal industry is shifting. Economic pressures, a changing legal and regulatory landscape, and rapidly-developing technologies all affect how lawyers and legal support professionals do business. Here are five of the biggest trends currently changing the legal industry. 1. Electronic Discovery Most of the information we generate today is digital, contained in word processing documents,… Read More »

How to Adopt a Service Mentality

Today, nearly everyone in a law firm or legal department will work directly with clients at some point in their day or week. Organizations that embrace a service ethic position themselves to offer better representation to clients. To demonstrate your service ethic on the job or while interviewing for a new position, keep these tips… Read More »

Tips on Reducing Stress in the Legal Profession

Stress can have a profoundly negative impact on health. Chronic high-stress levels have been linked to lower immune defenses, as well as to an increased risk of heart disease, cancer, and depression. Stress Management Tips Stress occurs when you feel as if your available resources are inadequate to the challenge at hand. To restore the… Read More »

5 Legal Practice Areas That Are Continuing to Grow

At any given time, certain legal practice areas are growing faster than others. This growth often occurs in response to increased demand or to changing legal and regulatory pressures. Here are five legal practice areas that took off in 2019 and are expected to continue growing throughout 2020. 1. Environmental and Climate Change Law Climate… Read More »

The 4 Biggest Mistakes Hiring Managers Make in the Interview Process

A bad hire can cost a law firm or legal department thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of lost productivity. Knowing this, many hiring managers try their best to hire the right person for the correct position every time. Hiring, however, is a skill – and it’s a skill many managers are left to… Read More »

The 3 Best Questions You Can Ask in Your Next Legal Assistant Interview

Interviews often prompt a mix of excitement and nervousness. When interviewing, it’s easy to feel as if you’re being asked to perform – and that you’re being judged on your performance. A good interview, however, has as much in common with a conversation as it does with performance. The interview is your chance to find… Read More »