How to Find a Law Clerk that Can Generate Better Revenue

Outstanding results rely on outstanding people. For law firms and legal departments, a high-performing law clerk can generate more revenue and provide better results to clients than a law clerk whose skills are merely average.  Finding the best talent, however, can be difficult. Consider the following tips to improve a law clerk talent search:   1.… Read More »

How Is Technology Changing the Law Industry in Ontario?

Investments in legal technology are increasing rapidly worldwide. The number of legal tech startups has also increased, bringing new products and innovation to the legal industry – and changing the way legal professionals do business.   Some early adopters have enthusiastically embraced new technologies. Others, including many in Ontario and other Canadian provinces, are taking a… Read More »

Essential Leadership Skills That Are True Career Boosters

Leadership demands certain soft skills. Some of these skills not only help leaders guide and direct their teams but also help professionals seeking to grow into leadership positions.  For a career boost, focus on developing these four skills: 1. Communication  Teams look to their leaders for clear, concise explanations of everything from how to do a particular task to… Read More »

Don’t Just Communicate With Your Team – Truly Connect

Every leader knows that communication is a key leadership skill. Yet many leaders find themselves frustrated when they call meeting after meeting or send email after email, only to find that their attempts to communicate are going unheeded.  In this case, leaders may be communicating, but not connecting.  How to Tell If You’re Not Connecting… Read More »

Why We Support Innocence Canada – And How You Can Help

Innocence Canada was founded in 1993 to work on behalf of individuals who were convicted of a crime they did not commit. The organization also focuses on education and reform to improve Canada’s legal system by preventing wrongful convictions in current and future criminal cases. To date, Innocence Canada has successfully exonerated 23 people who… Read More »

What Law Clerk Opportunities Are There in the Greater Toronto Area?

Law clerks play an essential role in the practice of law in Canada. They may prepare documents, perform research, and provide an essential point of connection between lawyers or between a lawyer and client. Qualifications typically required for law clerks include a law clerk certification from an accredited institution, time management, and communication skills, and… Read More »

How to Help Your Employees Find Better Balance

One of the best ways to help your team practice mindfulness is to be a mindful leader. When you’re more centered and aware, your staff respond accordingly. Mindfulness is the practice of staying in the present moment – not allowing your mind to become tangled up in what happened yesterday or what you’re worried might… Read More »

3 Fantastic Jobs Available in Law Offices

It’s easy to think of law offices as a place only lawyers work. Yet lawyers rely on other staff members to help them provide the best possible legal services to clients. Here are three fantastic jobs available in Toronto-area law offices – and you don’t even need to be a lawyer in order to excel… Read More »

Tips on Reducing Stress in a High Intensity Legal Career

The legal field can be rewarding, but it can also be stressful. Chronic stress reduces productivity and increases health problems over time. People who experience excessive work stress report higher levels of anxiety and depression, fatigue and muscle pain, trouble sleeping, and difficulty concentrating or maintaining interest in work.  To push back against stress and… Read More »

How to Land the Best Legal Talent in the GTA

Competition for top legal talent can be fierce, particularly in a busy market like the greater Toronto area. To attract the best talent, law firms and legal departments may need to rethink their staffing strategy.  Here’s how to engage outstanding legal professionals:  Tell the story of the job.  Posting a list of job duties and… Read More »