How to Land the Best Legal Talent in the GTA

Competition for top legal talent can be fierce, particularly in a busy market like the greater Toronto area. To attract the best talent, law firms and legal departments may need to rethink their staffing strategy. 

Here’s how to engage outstanding legal professionals: 

Tell the story of the job. 

Posting a list of job duties and requirements may explain the work to be done, but it doesn’t help candidates picture themselves in the role, nor does it inform them about your organization’s unique culture and approach to work. Instead, use job postings to provide context. Include a list of duties, but also include a few sentences about how those duties fit in with the rest of the team or support the organization as a whole.  

Streamline your hiring process. 

Top candidates may lose interest or accept a competing job offer if your hiring process takes too long. Work with a professional recruiter to streamline the process. Your recruiter can help you find qualified candidates. You can focus on getting to know those candidates one on one during interviews and determining the best match for your team and your organization’s needs. 

Open your doors to passive candidates. 

“Passive” candidates are often actively engaged in the legal field, working for other law firms or legal departments. They’re not actively seeking a new job, but they’re willing to entertain a job change if the circumstances are right. When you work with a recruiter well-versed in the Toronto-area legal industry, you can more easily reach out to the passive candidates who offer a perfect fit for your team.  

Work with a recruiter who knows the field. 

When you need the best available legal talent, you need a recruiter who specializes in knowing the legal profession in Toronto and surrounding areas. Choose a recruiter with access to a deep pool of legal professionals, who builds relationships with some of the best legal talent available.  

At Kent Legal, we strive to connect our clients with the best legal talent in the greater Toronto area. For help finding strong candidates or crafting a strategic staffing plan, contact us today. 

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