Tips on Reducing Stress in a High Intensity Legal Career

The legal field can be rewarding, but it can also be stressful. Chronic stress reduces productivity and increases health problems over time. People who experience excessive work stress report higher levels of anxiety and depression, fatigue and muscle pain, trouble sleeping, and difficulty concentrating or maintaining interest in work. 

To push back against stress and give yourself space to breathe, keep these tips in mind: 

Build strong relationships. 

Strong social connections help reduce stress by giving you a team you can trust. Communicate with co-workers regularly, and lean on trustworthy friends and family for support. If you need additional assistance, consider talking to a therapist who can teach you more targeted strategies for handling stress. 

Get moving. 

Regular movement boosts mood, energy, and focus. Make your gym time a protected part of your workday, or find ways to include more movement, like taking walks or using the stairs.  

Clean up your food and sleep. 

Sugar consumption can cause energy crashes, while foods high in protein, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids help stabilize blood sugar and allow you to focus for longer. Take a look at your sleep habits, too: 8 hours a night, with screens off an hour before bedtime, can help you ensure you meet your obligations while you’re awake. 

Pick your battles. 

Better prioritizing of tasks and planned regular breaks throughout your day can help you tame stress and stay focused. Kick certain tasks off your to-do list by delegating. Also, let go of the desire for perfection and concerns about anything that is out of your control. When you focus on what you can control and achieve, you set yourself up for success – and for lower stress levels.  

Broaden your horizons. 

While all legal work includes some stress, stress levels that affect your job performance aren’t good for your clients or career. Talk to a recruiter if you need help finding a work environment where stress levels are sustainable. 

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