How Is Technology Changing the Law Industry in Ontario?

Investments in legal technology are increasing rapidly worldwide. The number of legal tech startups has also increased, bringing new products and innovation to the legal industry – and changing the way legal professionals do business.   Some early adopters have enthusiastically embraced new technologies. Others, including many in Ontario and other Canadian provinces, are taking a… Read More »

Why We Support Innocence Canada – And How You Can Help

Innocence Canada was founded in 1993 to work on behalf of individuals who were convicted of a crime they did not commit. The organization also focuses on education and reform to improve Canada’s legal system by preventing wrongful convictions in current and future criminal cases. To date, Innocence Canada has successfully exonerated 23 people who… Read More »

2020 Ontario Legal Industry Update

The legal industry moves quickly, especially in Ontario. Here are some of the top issues to keep in mind as the legal field heads into 2020.  Equitable doctrine, trust reporting requirements change the face of estate law.  An Ontario court is reconsidering the doctrine of unconscionable procurement in an estate case for the first time in… Read More »

5 Trends That Are Changing the Legal Industry

The legal industry is shifting. Economic pressures, a changing legal and regulatory landscape, and rapidly-developing technologies all affect how lawyers and legal support professionals do business. Here are five of the biggest trends currently changing the legal industry. 1. Electronic Discovery Most of the information we generate today is digital, contained in word processing documents,… Read More »

Tips on Reducing Stress in the Legal Profession

Stress can have a profoundly negative impact on health. Chronic high-stress levels have been linked to lower immune defenses, as well as to an increased risk of heart disease, cancer, and depression. Stress Management Tips Stress occurs when you feel as if your available resources are inadequate to the challenge at hand. To restore the… Read More »

5 Legal Practice Areas That Are Continuing to Grow

At any given time, certain legal practice areas are growing faster than others. This growth often occurs in response to increased demand or to changing legal and regulatory pressures. Here are five legal practice areas that took off in 2019 and are expected to continue growing throughout 2020. 1. Environmental and Climate Change Law Climate… Read More »

Kent Legal Awarded Readers’ Choice Award by Canadian Lawyer Magazine for Legal Support Staffing

Kent Legal recently received a Readers’ Choice Award in staffing and outsourcing from Canadian Lawyer magazine. Now in their third year, the Readers’ Choice Awards allow Canadian Lawyer readers to vote for their most trusted vendors and suppliers in seven categories. Over 300 providers were listed on the ballot, which was distributed to over 2,000… Read More »

Build Trust

Trust is essential when building a healthy and productive work environment. Whether you’re leading an entire department or work hand-in-hand with a just a few coworkers, it’s important to build trusting relationships. Here are several tips to help build trust with both your coworkers and your superiors: Be honest and share information completely. Be straightforward and… Read More »