The 4 Biggest Mistakes Hiring Managers Make in the Interview Process

A bad hire can cost a law firm or legal department thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of lost productivity. Knowing this, many hiring managers try their best to hire the right person for the correct position every time. Hiring, however, is a skill – and it’s a skill many managers are left to… Read More »

The 3 Best Questions You Can Ask in Your Next Legal Assistant Interview

Interviews often prompt a mix of excitement and nervousness. When interviewing, it’s easy to feel as if you’re being asked to perform – and that you’re being judged on your performance. A good interview, however, has as much in common with a conversation as it does with performance. The interview is your chance to find… Read More »

What Are Employers Looking For? 5 Tips to Help You Ace Your Next Legal Support Interview

Congratulations, you’ve landed the interview! Now, it’s time to fight any pre-interview nerves by preparing for the most common questions and situations legal support professionals face in an interview setting. Here Are Five Tips to Help You Ace Your Next Legal Support Interview: 1. Do Your Homework Legal support professionals are expected to have top-notch… Read More »

Fashion Corner: What to Wear to Your Next Legal Support Interview

When you step into an interview, you want nothing to stand in the way of communicating your strengths as a legal support professional to the interviewer. Your clothing can help bolster this impression – or it can hinder you. Here’s what to consider when planning what you’ll wear to your next legal field interview: What… Read More »

Topics to Avoid in Your Next Legal Support Interview

Your interview is often your first chance to meet a prospective employer in person. As a result, it’s important to make a good impression – which can be tough to do when you accidentally stumble upon a hot-button issue. Basic Information About the Organization Questions about the law firm or legal department’s “basics,” like its… Read More »

3 Ways to Answer, “Where Do You See Yourself Five Years From Now?”

“Where do you see yourself five years from now?” is one of the most commonly asked interview questions. Hiring managers and recruiters ask because they want to know about your plans and goals. They want to understand how you see your career unfolding. They also want to evaluate how your vision fits with the organization’s… Read More »

Don’t Forget This Essential Step When Interviewing for a Legal Job

When you work with a legal recruiter, one of the first steps is to interview with your recruiter. This interview helps your recruiter determine what you’re looking for and what skills you offer, which in turn helps them recommend job openings that provide the right fit for your current career plans. The interview can help… Read More »

Interviewed for a Legal Job, but No Longer Interested? Here’s What to Do

Picture this: You applied to a promising litigation assistant or legal support position. After attending an interview, however, you realized that this job isn’t going to be the right fit for you. How do you communicate your desire to look elsewhere while still maintaining the professional connections you’ve made during the process? Follow these steps:… Read More »

“What Are Your Weaknesses?” How to Answer Tough Interview Questions

One of the biggest fears job seekers face is an interview question they cannot answer. And one of the biggest victories in an interview is being the candidate who can answer any question asked of them. Consequently, it pays to prepare for the tough interview questions. Here’s how to answer some of the most common… Read More »

Master the Panel Job Interview in 4 Steps

A panel interview can feel a bit like an interrogation. You’re sitting across from multiple people, all of whom are firing questions—or worse, are simply sitting in silence, forming private opinions of you as you squirm. While panel interviews can seem daunting, they don’t have to be. With careful preparation, you can master the panel… Read More »