What Are Employers Looking For? 5 Tips to Help You Ace Your Next Legal Support Interview

Congratulations, you’ve landed the interview! Now, it’s time to fight any pre-interview nerves by preparing for the most common questions and situations legal support professionals face in an interview setting.

Here Are Five Tips to Help You Ace Your Next Legal Support Interview:

1. Do Your Homework

Legal support professionals are expected to have top-notch research skills, so demonstrate these by researching the employer. During your interview, draw connections between your own skills and the employer’s needs, challenges or industry. You’ll show you did your homework and that you understand how you will fit into the law firm or legal department’s mission, goals and daily work.

2. Focus On Your Accomplishments

Choose three to five top achievements from your career to date, and find ways to present them in clear, objective terms. When possible, attach quantitative measures, like “My project plan helped us complete our deliverables three days ahead of schedule.”

Your accomplishments demonstrate that you already have the skills to do this job well. All you need is the opportunity to implement them.

3. Ask Questions

Asking thoughtful questions about the firm’s work environment, practice area or major challenges demonstrates that you have the organization’s best interests in mind, not just your own. It also shows you can think about the big picture when it comes to your work and the law firm’s work.

4. Follow Up

After your interview, send a brief thank-you card or email to each person you spoke with during the interview. Mention one specific thing that stood out to you during the interview, and clarifies next steps. For instance, if the interviewer promised to communicate with you in the coming week, you might say, “I look forward to speaking with you next week.”

5. Seek Help

A recruiter can help you anticipate interview questions and scenarios, understand your interviewing weaknesses, and prepare you for what’s ahead. Don’t hesitate to ask for help in order to shine at your next interview.

Are You Ready to Grow Your Career?

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