How to Find a Law Clerk that Can Generate Better Revenue

Outstanding results rely on outstanding people. For law firms and legal departments, a high-performing law clerk can generate more revenue and provide better results to clients than a law clerk whose skills are merely average. 

Finding the best talent, however, can be difficult. Consider the following tips to improve a law clerk talent search:  

1. Clarify what you offer. 

Top candidates know how valuable their skills are. When they consider a new job, they want to know whether the employer offers value that compares favorably to the value the law clerk brings to the job. 

A clear employment brand can help law clerk candidates see how both parties will benefit if they apply for or accept a job with your organization. Employment brands also help candidates decide whether an organization’s internal culture meshes well with their approach to work.  

2. Seek out “passive” candidates. 

“Passive” candidates face something of a misnomer. Often, these candidates are hard at work with a law firm or legal department. They’re not actively engaged in looking for a new job – but they will consider one if the circumstances are right. 

When you seek passive candidates, such as by working with a recruiter, you reach out to these actively engaged, high-performing individuals. You attract the candidates who are most likely to offer a good fit with your team as well as outstanding skills.  

3. Work with a specialty recruiter. 

Many recruiting firms offer to place law clerk candidates with Canadian law firms and legal departments. The most reliable sources of top talent, however, are recruiters who specialize in placing law clerks and other legal talents.  

A specialized recruiter has a deep knowledge of the legal industry, including the skills and experience required to thrive. They know the market they serve and they have access to thousands of qualified legal professionals. Their vetting process focuses on the key traits, talents, education, and experience a law clerk needs to rise above others in the field. 

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