How You Can Grow Your Legal Assistant Talent From Within

Turnover occurs in every law firm and legal department. When an organization loses its top staff members, however, it’s important to examine the circumstances. The loss of staff members can indicate a problem area that deserves attention.

To Reduce Turnover and Cultivate Internal Talent:

1. Understand Why Your Top Staff Members Chose to Leave

You can’t always prevent a top legal support staff member from leaving your organization. Before they go, however, you can seek to understand why they made the choice to leave.

Set time aside for an exit interview that explores the reasons your departing staff members chose to go. During the interview, ask not only why they are leaving, but what circumstances or environment would have encouraged them to stay. This question helps you identify potential problem areas that, if not addressed, could lead to additional staff turnover in the future.

2. Help Staff Imagine Different Career Options

Legal support professionals often enter their field of choice with a particular career path in mind. Once there, their vision may narrow, creating the false belief that the path they are on is the only one available to them.

To build a stronger relationship between staff and your organization, help legal support team members think outside the box about their careers. For instance, discussing transferable skills with these team members can help both you and them identify positions within the organization that can help them thrive – even if those positions look very different from their original career plan.

3. Seek Help From an Experienced Source

An outside perspective from an experienced legal talent recruiter can help you spot problem areas that might otherwise go overlooked. Don’t hesitate to work with a staffing firm that can help you identify issues with recruiting and retention. Your recruiter can also provide support and advice for fixing any problem areas.

Looking For Top Talent?

At Kent Legal, our recruiters help law firms and legal departments in the greater Toronto area sharpen and expand their recruiting and retention skills. We’ll help you connect with talent that offers a promising long-term fit. Contact us today to learn more.

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