Top Job Search Tips for Anyone Looking to Take Their Legal Career to the Next Level

A career in legal support offers opportunities for lifelong intellectual challenges and client service. If you feel you’ve maximized these opportunities in your current position, however, it may be time to look for a new position or employer to help you grow further in your career.

Here’s How to Improve the Search for Your Next Legal Career Step:

1. Focus On What You Love

You’ve put in enough time and effort to know which parts of your chosen career you truly enjoy, which topics you’d like to understand more in-depth, and which areas aren’t for you.

Spend some time clarifying what your ideal next career step looks like. What do you do every day? What tasks are handled by others? Which new skills or relationships are you able to build from this new position? Use your answers as a template for the type of new job you want to have.

2. Strengthen Ties With Your Professional Network

Your professional network can be one of your strongest assets in a job search. Start by setting time aside once a week to catch up with a professional colleague or mentor. You might send an email or invite each person to lunch or coffee.

Use this time to catch up with one another on personal and professional news. Let your contact know exactly what kind of opportunity you’re looking for, and ask them for help finding it.

By focusing on one connection per week, you won’t overwhelm yourself, but you’ll be communicating with your network and boosting your chances to hear about the ideal new job.

3. Seek Help When You Need It

An outside perspective can make the difference between finding the perfect next step on your career path and continuing to repeat the same set of tasks and skills you’ve already mastered.

For advice on your job search and assistance connecting with opportunities, don’t hesitate to talk to a recruiter who specializes in helping legal support professionals build their careers. Your recruiter can suggest options you may not otherwise have discovered and help you connect with them.

Looking For Your Next Step?

At Kent Legal, our recruiters connect legal support professionals to some of the best job opportunities and employers in the greater Toronto area. When it’s time to take your next career step, contact us.

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