The Best Tips for Making Sure Your Legal Support Staff is Properly Trained

Proper legal support staff training is essential. When your team has solid training, they understand both what needs to be done and how to do it in a way that coordinates with the rest of the team and helps the firm meet its goals.

Whether you’re working with new hires or bringing an established team up to speed, here’s how to help staff get the most from their training:

  1. Schedule Training Time Separately

Set training time apart from the typical workday. If possible, hold training sessions in areas that staff doesn’t use every day.

Creating a sense of separation for training sessions increases their novelty, which causes the brain to become actively more interested and engaged in the process. Also, when training time is separated, staff can enter training with clear minds, allowing them to retain more information.

  1. Engage Staff in a Variety of Ways During Training

Different people have different learning styles. For instance, while some of your staff may be able to absorb information easily from a PowerPoint lecture, others will remember little to nothing of what was said during that time.

To reach as many staff as possible, find different ways to express the necessary information. For instance, combining visuals with audio, or including a hands-on portion, can help all your staff members find a way to learn the material that works best for them.

  1. Differentiate Instruction

Just as staff may learn in different ways, some will proceed through the material faster than others. When you find ways to differentiate the pace of instruction, you keep everyone engaged by making it possible for them to absorb at their own pace.

Exercises that rely on teams can help faster learners teach those who need more time with the material. Many A.I.-based training systems will also respond automatically to how quickly and thoroughly the user is learning concepts.

  1. Yes, There Will Be a Quiz

Focus training time on concrete skills or concepts that your staff will apply in their day to day work. Then, spend time evaluating those day to day tasks to see whether the trained skills and concepts are being applied effectively. Ask the staff to evaluate their own efforts in applying the new information and provide feedback when needed.

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