How You Can Help Your Legal Assistants Manage Their Time Better

Time management is essential to the practice of law. It’s also an important skill for any working professional since there are always more available options in any given day than there is time to seize them. Legal assistants, in particular, benefit from strong time management skills, since their ability to manage time well and complete… Read More »

4 Red Flags to Watch For During Your Next Legal Assistant Search

The hiring process isn’t easy. Choosing the best candidate out of a large pool of applicants can feel like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack. Yet there are a few consistent patterns that can help hiring managers decide whether an applicant should advance to the next round or receive a “thank you, but… Read More »

The Best Tips for Making Sure Your Legal Support Staff is Properly Trained

Proper legal support staff training is essential. When your team has solid training, they understand both what needs to be done and how to do it in a way that coordinates with the rest of the team and helps the firm meet its goals. Whether you’re working with new hires or bringing an established team… Read More »

How Would Your Employees Rate Your Management Skills? See If You Pass the Test.

Many managers strive to improve their management and leadership skills, seeking out advice and education from other managers and professionals. One valuable, but often overlooked resource in the pursuit of improved management abilities is the perspective of those you manage or lead. If your employees were to rate you as a manager, how would you… Read More »

5 Tips to Help You Effectively Manage a New Legal Support Team

Managing a new legal team can be an exciting time. Whether a new legal support team has just been formed, or you are a new leader stepping in to manage an existing team, there are several things you need to do immediately in order to set up that team for success. Use these five tips… Read More »

How to Be Accountable as a Legal Team Leader

As a manager, you already understand the value of accountability. Without a result to answer for, team members are often “adrift,” focusing their energies on the wrong priorities and producing substandard results. Accountability is important for legal team leaders, as well – but you may not have someone watching you as closely as you watch… Read More »

Outdated Management Advice to Abandon

Studies of human behavior in the workplace have exploded in recent decades, which means that much of the management advice our parents grew up using is outdated – and in some cases, actually harmful to productivity and motivation. Here are some of the “worst offenders” and how to replace them with tools that work: “To… Read More »

Do You Have What It Takes to Effectively Manage Your Legal Support Team?

Hiring a great team is only the beginning. Providing leadership and guidance is the best way to get the most from your staff. It works to your advantage because you’ll get more done retain your best people and to theirs because they will feel challenged and valued. Consider these factors that go into effective management.… Read More »