5 Tips to Help You Effectively Manage a New Legal Support Team

Managing a new legal team can be an exciting time. Whether a new legal support team has just been formed, or you are a new leader stepping in to manage an existing team, there are several things you need to do immediately in order to set up that team for success. Use these five tips to effectively manage your new legal support team.

Set Clear Goals

You can’t run a successful team if you don’t know what success looks like. Before day one, meet with the appropriate stakeholders to establish a clear set of performance goals for the team. Your performance will depend on the ability to accurately measure success and it will be crucial to communicate those goals clearly to the team.

Schedule Meetings

On the first day, schedule a team meeting to introduce yourself, talk about goals and if the team is new, allow the group to get to know one another. Next, schedule one-on-one meetings with each member of the team to get to know them and learn a little about their skills and background.

Diagnose Your Team’s Current Stage of Development

Once you know a little bit more about the people working for you, you’ll need to assess your current situation. Look at the tasks at hand and determine whether you have the right people in the right jobs and you’ve got a plan for effectively assigning work. If you are concerned about potential skill or knowledge gaps, make note of them.

Address Skill Gaps Immediately

If you do note critical skill or knowledge gaps, you will want to close them quickly. While you can train some members of the team, training takes time. If you’re on a critical deadline, you’ll need to develop a plan to hire temporary or permanent legal support staff to cover those gaps, so you can keep work flowing smoothly.

Partner With a Legal Staffing Expert

If you need to access skilled legal support staff quickly, the best tool in your toolbox is a legal recruiting firm. A skilled legal staffing partner can help you cover gaps much faster than you could on your own, allowing you to stay focused on your goals. Even if you don’t have any skill gaps today, you may end up needing new team members as work begins to pile up. Establishing that relationship early will allow you to respond quickly to changing needs.

If you need skilled legal support pros for your team, Kent Legal, a top legal staffing firm in Toronto, can help. We can strategize with you to ensure you can access the right people, exactly when you need them. Contact us today to learn how we can help you set up your new team for success.

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