Five Ways to Manage a Team With Diverse Personalities

Teams that feature diverse personalities gain the value of multiple perspectives and approaches. However, different approaches to work and problem-solving can also lead to conflict and misunderstandings on the team. Here are five ways to bring a group with diverse personalities together and lead them to professional success: Get to Know Your Team Members It… Read More »

5 Tips to Help You Effectively Manage a New Legal Support Team

Managing a new legal team can be an exciting time. Whether a new legal support team has just been formed, or you are a new leader stepping in to manage an existing team, there are several things you need to do immediately in order to set up that team for success. Use these five tips… Read More »

Increase Productivity by Creating an Environment of Accountability

Supervisors who hear the word “accountability” are likely to imagine themselves holding employees’ feet to the fire, demanding particular results and cracking down when goals aren’t met.  In some law firms and legal departments, such a “tough love” approach would be a recipe for disaster. But “accountability” doesn’t have to mean losing the respect and… Read More »