How to Make Sure Your Law Firm is Safe From Cyber Attacks

Confidentiality is a paramount concern for lawyers and law firms. As an ever-increasing amount of information is handled online, protecting that information from attack or theft via hacking and other malicious behaviors becomes increasingly important as well.

In addition to understanding the laws and regulations that may apply to your work, here’s how to address business cyber assets in order to keep them safe and meet your privacy and security obligations to your staff and clients.

  1. Practice Excellent “Cyber Hygiene”

Implement best practices as a part of your office’s ordinary approach to work done via computer or online. For instance, require staff to change their passwords frequently and to use strong password combinations – no pet names or birthdates! Update computer systems regularly and choose effective firewalls, antivirus protection and similar programs that can help repel cyber-attacks.

When these steps are followed regularly, they close many of the most common holes in a business’s cyber defenses.

  1. Consider a “Hybrid Cloud” Model

Cloud computing has become increasingly popular in several fields, including law. For example, a law firm may contract with a software as a service (SaaS) provider for the use of case management, time tracking or another platform that stores information on remote servers.

While cloud-based systems can make staff more flexible and efficient, they can also pose security risks. For top-priority information, consider a hybrid cloud model in which your most sensitive data is stored on servers that are kept on location at your law firm. Many software providers have tools that will allow your platform to work seamlessly, whether it’s accessing data on your home server or from the cloud.

  1. Talk to the Experts When Needed

Don’t hesitate to contact experts in cybersecurity to help your staff spot weaknesses in your current model and learn the right ways to address them. Security professionals can help you ensure you’re following best practices and that you understand what to do in order to avoid cyber threats.

Looking to Staff Up?

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