4 Signs Your Interview Answers Aren’t Working (and How to Fix It)

Have you been on several interviews, but are still waiting for a job offer?  If so, it may be time to rethink your interview strategy. Start by talking to your recruiter. They can help you pinpoint specific interview mistakes you may be committing and help you address them.  In addition, ask yourself whether any of… Read More »

What is Your Selling Point for Your Legal Support Career?

“What’s in it for me?” This is one of the biggest questions people ask – and hiring managers are no exception.  When you approach recruiters and firms in search of a legal support position, your job is to answer this question in a compelling fashion.  The way you do so is your “selling point.” What… Read More »

Should You Run or Should You Stay? 5 Danger Signs of a Potential Job

Ever found yourself in a job that seemed like a good fit at the time you accepted it, but in hindsight, was a disaster waiting to happen? If you have, you’re not alone – and if you haven’t, it’s not recommended.  Here are five “red flags” that indicate a potential job will be a poor… Read More »

Using Nonverbal Communication During an Interview to Leave a Lasting Impression

Much of what we wish to communicate is conveyed by what we say.  Even more is conveyed by what we don’t say. Like it or not, body language makes an immediate impression on others.  It can either emphasize or undermine our spoken or written statements, depending on whether it is in harmony with our words… Read More »

How to Discuss Your Experience During a Job Interview

When you’re seeking a new position as a legal support professional, it’s important to showcase your past experience and demonstrate how it will help a law firm, legal department or other organization to succeed.  To do this, think about how you talk about your work experience during a job interview. Here’s how to prepare for… Read More »

“Excuse Me?!” – How to Answer Tricky (or Unexpected) Job Interview Questions

No matter how well you prepare for an interview, you can’t predict the unpredictable.  Many interviewers like to offer one or two “curve-ball” questions in order to see how well the candidate responds to surprises and thinks on their feet. You can’t predict every question – but you can prepare in case you are caught… Read More »

Legal Support Job Interview? 6 Tips to Help You Make a Great First Impression

Here it is: your interview with a great law firm or legal department for a position as a legal support professional.  Your job is to stand out from the crowd by demonstrating just how much you have to offer. When you’re out to make a great impression, it helps to start on the right foot. … Read More »

7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Interview Presence

Learning to make a great impression in an interview is one of the best things you can do for your career. You may bring experience, training and great references to the table, but as important as those are, they can’t save you if you don’t seem likeable, confident and professional in the interview. Here are… Read More »

5 Phrases to Strike from Your Interview Vocabulary

Making a great interview impression is the key to landing a great job. You’ve polished your resume (and your shoes), thoroughly researched the company and prepared some great answers for common interview questions, but that may not be enough win the interviewer over. What you say and how you say it are critical tools in… Read More »