What is Your Selling Point for Your Legal Support Career?

“What’s in it for me?”

This is one of the biggest questions people ask – and hiring managers are no exception.  When you approach recruiters and firms in search of a legal support position, your job is to answer this question in a compelling fashion.  The way you do so is your “selling point.”

What makes hiring you worthwhile?  How do you benefit the firm?  Why should recruiters be knocking down your door to work with you?

Here’s how to start crafting your selling point, and how to broadcast your message:

  1. Make a list. Sit down with a pen and paper. Start by listing your proudest professional accomplishments; the things that not only represent “success” in your field, but you are also personally most proud to have accomplished.  Next, list the qualities your colleagues would most likely ascribe to you.  These notes help you pinpoint the skills and abilities you bring to the table – which form the heart of your selling point.
  2. Sum up your selling point. In one sentence or less, sum up your selling point, based on the notes you’ve made. “I excel at creating well-researched, cleanly drafted legal briefs.”  “My focus is on providing the highest level of client satisfaction through timely communication.”  While you’ll expand on this statement in some contexts, such as during an interview or in a cover letter, this one sentence will form the core of the selling point you broadcast.
  3. Set up your channels. Prepare to refer to your selling point in a variety of contexts as you seek a legal support position. For instance, create a two- or three-sentence version you can use as a verbal “elevator speech.”  A written version of your elevator speech can also serve as the primary headline on your LinkedIn profile, making it easier for employers and recruiters to see what you offer to them.  A one-page explanation of why you value these selling points can make an excellent cover letter or personal statement.  Your recruiter can help you find other ways to showcase your selling point in order to land the job you want.

At Kent Legal, our recruiters can help you pinpoint your best attributes and craft them into a compelling “selling point” for some of the best legal support positions in Toronto.  Contact us today to learn more.

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