How to Get the Most Out of Your Legal Research

Legal support professionals perform a great deal of research as part of their daily routine. While researching a new area of law or topic can be time-consuming, often, research time can be streamlined to allow legal support staff to get more done in less time. Here’s how to improve the efficiency of your legal research… Read More »

Trying to Land a Job in a Competitive Market? Try Working With a Recruiter

  Recruiters can be an asset to any job seeker. If you’re looking for work in a competitive market, however, a recruiter’s help can be more than valuable: it may become indispensable. Here’s how your recruiter can help you fine-tune your search in order to find the best match for you. Your Recruiter is a… Read More »

How to Build and Nurture These FOUR Key Relationships in Your Career

When it comes to building a successful career in the legal field, it’s often who you know can make a real difference. While you should always be focused on building your skills, you should also focus on building relationships. No one ever achieves their career goals alone, so if you have ambitions beyond where you… Read More »

6 Soft Skills Prized in Legal Professionals

To qualify for work in law firms and legal departments, knowledge of the law and skill in research and drafting is a must. To advance your career or standout when applying for a new position, you’ll need to showcase your strongest “soft skills” as well as your hard qualifications. What Are Soft Skills? “Soft skills,”… Read More »

Interviewed for a Legal Job, but No Longer Interested? Here’s What to Do

Picture this: You applied to a promising litigation assistant or legal support position. After attending an interview, however, you realized that this job isn’t going to be the right fit for you. How do you communicate your desire to look elsewhere while still maintaining the professional connections you’ve made during the process? Follow these steps:… Read More »

What is Your Selling Point for Your Legal Support Career?

“What’s in it for me?” This is one of the biggest questions people ask – and hiring managers are no exception.  When you approach recruiters and firms in search of a legal support position, your job is to answer this question in a compelling fashion.  The way you do so is your “selling point.” What… Read More »

Do You Know What is Being Done With Your Resume?

When you’re looking for a legal support position, you leave no stone unturned. Often, this means submitting your resume whenever a job posting looks promising and seeking the help of recruiting firms to help you find the right employer. If you scatter your resume too broadly, however, you may be doing yourself more harm than… Read More »

Walking the Walk and Talking the Talk in Your Career

Walking the walk and talking the talk means building a long-term career strategy by presenting yourself professionally, even when you think it’s not important.  A successful legal support professional has cultivated an image that supports the skills, experience, and knowledge he or she has worked so hard to attain. As employers grow savvier in everything… Read More »