Trying to Land a Job in a Competitive Market? Try Working With a Recruiter


Recruiters can be an asset to any job seeker. If you’re looking for work in a competitive market, however, a recruiter’s help can be more than valuable: it may become indispensable.

Here’s how your recruiter can help you fine-tune your search in order to find the best match for you.

  1. Your Recruiter is a Gateway to a Massive Professional Network

Recruiters spend their days building and maintaining professional relationships. Their job is to know what’s going on in their industry – including which jobs are available and which professionals might be the perfect match for those jobs and employers.

To maximize the benefits of tapping into a recruiter’s network, choose a recruiter who specializes in your industry and your preferred geographic area. Their specialty will help ensure their relationships are deepest in precisely the places you most want to look.

  1. Your Recruiter Can Help you Showcase your Strengths

In a competitive market, you need to stand out from other strong candidates. Preparing a generic resume and cover letter with a list of your past duties won’t help you demonstrate your best work.

Fortunately, recruiters who specialize in placing legal support professionals know what law firms and legal departments look for in strong candidates. Your recruiter can help you find the most sought-after strengths in your work history and place them front and center, so you stand out among other candidates.

  1. Your Recruiter Knows What Competitive Compensation Looks Like

A competitive market creates pressure on job seekers to take the first offer they receive, regardless of what the salary and benefits are. When it’s time to consider a job offer, don’t hesitate to talk to your recruiter about its details. Your recruiter has deep knowledge of salaries, benefits and compensation packages, which you can use to determine whether you’re being offered competitive compensation for the skills and experience you bring to the table.

We Have a New Career Adventure Waiting For You!

At Kent Legal, our recruiters specialize in connecting legal support professionals with some of the best jobs and employers in the greater Toronto area – no matter how competitive the market gets. Contact us today to learn more.

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