Helpful Methods to Give Your Legal Resume a Makeover

Your resume communicates your skills and experience to a prospective employer for the first time. As your first impression tool, your resume works best when it contains strong language, eye-catching details, and no unnecessary items.

Here’s how to give your resume the “makeover” it needs to stand out:

  1. Think Achievements, Not Duties

Many resumes summarize each job by listing the core duties an applicant was tasked with at that job. However, a list of duties only tells a hiring manager what you were instructed to do. It doesn’t demonstrate how well you fulfilled those instructions.

Instead, use the summary of each job to list your top one or two accomplishments while on that job. Give particular attention to items that can be quantified, like the number of clients handled, percentage changes in key variables or money saved.

  1. Emphasize Skill and Experience

Young job seekers often put their education at the top of their resume. This method can work for those straight out of college, but once you have any experience relevant to your job, move your experience section to the top of your resume. Your degrees and certifications can be listed directly after this section.

While your education matters in the legal field, it’s your ability to perform from day to day that will matter most to your employer. Don’t omit relevant educational information; just make sure that your performance comes first.

  1. Bring Your Resume Into the 21st Century

Resumes of the past frequently included sections that listed an objective, summarized irrelevant work experience, or reminded hiring managers that “references are available upon request.” Today, however, none of these sections are necessary. Worse, they clutter up your resume, burying the best evidence of your outstanding abilities beneath information employers don’t need.

While removing outdated sections, also double-check your contact information for accuracy. Remove old or outdated email addresses; instead, choose a neutral-sounding address, such as one that uses your name. Remove links to social media profiles or any web address that isn’t your professional portfolio.

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