Why Employee Feedback Should Matter to You

Managers and leaders often think of their role as an expressive one, and for good reason. Those at the head of teams and departments spend a great deal of time teaching, instructing and explaining to their staff what should be done and in what way.

However, receiving feedback from employees is equally valuable than to give it. Here’s why.

  1. Encouraging Feedback Helps Defuse Tension and Conflict

When an employee has a concern or when two employees clash, the ability to provide feedback about the situation helps your staff understand the issue and come to a solution. It encourages thoughtful consideration of the problem at hand and supports staff in solving it.

Employees who aren’t able to speak frankly about problems don’t suddenly become comfortable with the issue. Instead, their feelings escape in less productive ways, such as through gossip, disengagement or anger.

  1. Feedback Helps Teams Cohere

Regular feedback works similarly to the thermostat in a building: It consistently senses the “temperature” of the room and adjusts accordingly, rather than waiting for the building’s interior to become uninhabitably hot or cold.

When teams engage in regular feedback with each other and their leaders, they develop the trust that is necessary for resilience. The team learns to rely on one another and to trust their leaders to explain new projects and discuss problems without blaming the messenger.

  1. Employee Feedback Can Alert You to Changes in the Industry

The legal industry is vast, and no single manager or leader can stay on top of every change on their own. By encouraging employee feedback, you gain the eyes and ears of everyone on the team. Their knowledge and experience inform your own, improving leadership.

In addition to gathering this type of feedback from employees, it can help to gather it from outside sources. Staffing firms specialize in understanding the industries they serve and providing their clients with the necessary perspective to stay competitive.

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