5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Motivate a Burned Out Team

When a team is stressed, tired and overworked, day-to-day tasks can be overwhelming for both team members and their managers. While you can’t always solve the work problem immediately, you can take daily steps to help keep morale high and reduce the negative effects of a busy schedule.

Here are five ways to motivate a burned out team:

  1. Hold Regular (But Not Too Frequent) Meetings

A regular monthly meeting allows your staff to discuss what they’re working on, talk about issues concerning their workload, and help one another find solutions when burnout looms. During this time, managers can help by encouraging communication and providing support.

  1. Emphasize the Positive Every Day

Burnout makes it easy for the negatives to pile up while the positives go unnoticed. Help staff focus on the positives by discussing the projects they like most, or by asking staff members to name something they felt went well each day.

  1. Make Expectations and Requirements More Precise

Often, employees burn out because their job expectations or requirements are so vague they end up taking on every project that comes in the door. To avoid this problem, take a second look at job descriptions. Ensure these descriptions are precise and clear, so no one wastes time on projects that aren’t within the scope of their skills or the company’s needs.

  1. Encourage Stress Relief

Take the edge off a heavy workload each day by encouraging employees to engage in activities that provide stress relief. Listening to music while they work, telecommuting, taking a walk around the block or enjoying a snack provided by leadership can also help employees breathe, destress, and jump back into work with a clearer mind.

  1. Bring in Additional Help

If your team needs a break but you just can’t spare anyone, consider bringing in a temporary or contract employee to help reduce some of the pressure on your core staff. Hiring a new full- or part-time legal support staff member may also help address long-term burnout and keep everyone engaged with their work.

Improve Your Team Today!

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