Ask a Legal Support Recruiter: “How Can I Overcome Shyness in a Job Interview?”

You have the skills and experience to get the job done. You have a proven track record of success in previous legal support positions. The trouble is you’re painfully shy during job interviews. Sound familiar? If it does, you’re certainly not alone. Many more candidates struggle with this issue than you might think. The question… Read More »

How Your Recruiter Can Help You Prepare for Your Next Interview

Recruiters do more than simply recommend you for a posted job opening or help you find a law firm or legal department looking for a support professional with your talents. They can also help you fine-tune your resume and prepare to give an outstanding interview. To get the most from your relationship with your recruiter,… Read More »

3 Tips for Interviewing With a Recruiter as a Legal Support Professional

If you’re seeking a legal support position or sense that it is time to make a change to further your legal career, talking to a recruiter can help you connect with top employers. When you first meet with a recruiter, you will likely be discussing your plans in a question and answer format (i.e., an… Read More »

8 Questions You Should Ask When Interviewing for a Legal Support Job

When you prepare for an interview in legal support, you’re probably thinking about your planned answers, not your questions. Maybe you’ve even typed “answers to legal support interview questions” into your favorite search engine to see what comes up. Everyone who goes into a legal support interview will have prepared answers. To stand out among… Read More »

The Importance of a Planned Interview Process

Just as a law firm or legal department would not carry out a litigation process without planning ahead, so should the firm or department avoid carrying out a hiring process without planning ahead. By first identifying the type of candidate who will “fit” well with the organization and who has the skills to succeed on… Read More »

The Predicament of a Top Applicant Who Interviewed Poorly

Finding a great legal support candidate is a bit like finding a hidden treasure: the same delight and excitement, the same high hopes for the future. And when a great candidate interviews poorly, the disappointment can be as strong as discovering that a supposed treasure is actually worth little. Even the best applicants may have… Read More »

Four Tips for Following Up After a Job Interview

Job seekers walking out of an interview often breathe a sigh of relief. The “big event” is over, and now the wait begins. There’s nothing more you can do to demonstrate how much you want this job… is there? In fact, there is. Following up after a job interview is essential. It demonstrates your interest… Read More »

Don’t Drop the Ball! – How to Adequately Prepare for Your Upcoming Interview

Many factors in a legal-career job search are beyond your control, such as the current market trends in our legal community and the credentials of other candidates.  However, you can control one of the most powerful factors in any job interview: your own preparation. Preparing for a job interview helps you set yourself apart from… Read More »