Four Tips for Following Up After a Job Interview

Job seekers walking out of an interview often breathe a sigh of relief. The “big event” is over, and now the wait begins. There’s nothing more you can do to demonstrate how much you want this job… is there?

In fact, there is. Following up after a job interview is essential. It demonstrates your interest in the position, keeps your work fresh in the minds of hiring managers, and makes you memorable – in all the right ways.

To follow up effectively after a job interview, employ the following tips:

  1. Ask about the timeline while you’re still in the interview.
    Asking what the next step is and when you can expect it to happen before you leave the interview offers two benefits. First, it tells you exactly when it’s proper to follow up: a few days after the deadline. Second, it demonstrates your genuine interest in the company and the position by showing that you care about being hired.
  1. Send a timely and professional thank-you note.
    A gracious, written thank-you note is never out of place after an interview. Although you can use email for this purpose, a handwritten note sends a powerful message of connection and confidence. If the employer has specifically asked you to contact them via a particular means though, follow their instructions first – an email or telephone thank you is not out of place in this situation.
  1. Follow up politely after a deadline passes.
    Many job seekers have found themselves in this situation: although the employer said “We’ll make a decision next week and let you know,” it’s been ten days of radio silence. When the company gives you a specific time frame for information or a decision, but then misses the deadline by several days, it’s appropriate to send a follow-up note.
    In this follow-up, be concise and polite. Don’t point out that they’ve failed to contact you; instead, mention the deadline and note that you wanted to follow up with the company: “I remember that you mentioned you were hoping to make a final decision about the legal support position by the end of the month, and I wanted to follow up in order to see how the process is going.”
  1. Keep looking forward.
    With some employers, even your most gracious attempts to follow up will receive no response.   Although silence is often harder to take than a clear “no,” your job search will only suffer if you dwell on an opportunity missed – especially if you don’t know why the company hasn’t contacted you. If you hear nothing after following up, keep looking forward, toward the next interview and the next potential employer. Your legal support recruiter can help you.

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