Five Advantages to Partnering with a Niche Recruiting Firm

Choosing the best staffing firm for your organization may seem daunting – but it doesn’t have to be.

Although law firms and legal departments vary considerably in their size, focus, workload, and cultures, they all share one need. Each organization must find the best possible employees in order to maximize productivity, reduce employee turnover, and ensure the organization has a strong pool of talent and skills to draw from when tackling new or existing challenges.

How can law firms and legal departments address this need effectively? Try partnering with a niche recruiting firm. Niche firms specialize in placing legal support talent within their specific geographic area. The advantages to work with a niche recruiting firm include:

  1. Niche firms know the market. Small, local recruiting firms maintain a vast and ever-improving knowledge base about the markets they serve. Staffing partners at these firms draw from this reservoir of knowledge to make predictions, create strategic staffing plans, and stay one step ahead of emerging trends in their markets. Because their job is to know a specific market, their expertise is deep.
  2. Niche firms know the talent. Knowing the market means knowing the key players in the market – both the established talent and the “rising stars” whose careers will help take a law firm or legal department to the next level. Just as they develop a deep knowledge of market trends, so do niche-firm staffing partners develop a deep and personal connection with the talented legal support professionals available in that market.
  3. Niche firms know the geographic area. Although the world is becoming ever more interconnected, local trends, cultures, and developments still play a key role in guiding the goals and challenges law firms and legal departments face. By focusing their skills on a specific market, staffing partners at small recruiting firms establish themselves firmly in their communities. They know what’s going on in the immediate geographic area, and they also know where to find the best talent in the area – improving the chances that a company’s new hire will stay put for the long term.
  4. Niche firms focus on clients as individuals. Because niche firms are members of the same communities as their clients, they treat their clients as neighbors, not just business contacts. Their focus allows them to treat each law firm or legal department they serve as an individual organization and to respond directly to that organization’s culture and needs.
  5. Niche firms think long term. Unlike national firms, which rely on their breadth to make up for lack of work in specific areas, niche firms need the trust and growth of their local clients in order to thrive. This business reality spurs niche recruiting firms to think long term. When they build a relationship with a client, the goal isn’t only to find the best talent now, but also to improve the client’s hiring and sustainable growth in the long term.

At Kent Legal, we specialize in placing legal support staff throughout the greater Toronto area. We have served the legal community for over 40 years; building relationships and partnering with the area’s top talent and placing them in great career opportunities. To unlock the power of partnering with Kent Legal for your legal support recruiting needs, contact us today!

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