How to Spring Clean Your Resume

Spring is a great time to “clean” your resume the same way you would clean and declutter your house. The sunshine, fresh air, and growing plants offer the promise of growth and excitement, allowing us to look at our resumes with fresh eyes.

Updating your resume regularly is a must, especially if you’re searching for a new legal support position. If you haven’t given yours a “spring cleaning” yet, consider these tips:

Reflect on your accomplishments before you add them.

In spring, you’re several months removed from your year-end review. This time offers valuable perspective, but it may also mean you’re less clear on the details.

Take the time to reflect on your accomplishments before updating your resume. As you reflect, jot down keywords, phrases, and “action verbs” that describe your most recent work. Did you “manage” a large discovery project, help “prepare” staff lawyers for a trial, or “launch” a better system of organization for the office?

Remember to add volunteer work and projects as well. The time you spend helping others is some of the most valuable when it comes to your career.

“Declutter” your resume’s layout and language.

Adding newer accomplishments to your resume will increase its length, so you may need to remove older or less relevant material. As you change your resume’s content, don’t forget to triple-check grammar and spelling.

Once you’ve included all your updates, check your resume once again for clarity and ease of reading. Do your headings, margins, and spacing guide readers easily through your information? If you’re not sure, have a friend or co-worker check your resume.

Don’t forget to update your social networking profiles.

Updating your paper resume is only one step in the spring-cleaning process. While you’re updating, don’t forget your LinkedIn profile and other professional social media presences. Update your information here, adding your newest accomplishments and removing outdated information. Double-check grammar, spelling, and organization here, too.

Talk to a recruiter who has a long standing history and reputation in the field.

If you’re spring cleaning your resume as part of an ongoing job search, don’t hesitate to talk to a recruiter. But don’t just find the closest staffing firm, take the time to find a recruiting firm that that you can trust and is highly recommended for their expertise. Their expertise will be invaluable as you look to not only update your resume, but conform to accepted professional standards.

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