Being Resilient: How to Bounce Back After Missing out on a Great Job

Today’s legal support job market is more competitive than ever before. For every successful candidate, there might be several rejections. This is a fact of life when it comes to your search – however, it doesn’t make it any easier. It’s a Candidates’ Market Professionals who have avoided the job market for years are now… Read More »

How to Discuss Your Experience During a Job Interview

When you’re seeking a new position as a legal support professional, it’s important to showcase your past experience and demonstrate how it will help a law firm, legal department or other organization to succeed.  To do this, think about how you talk about your work experience during a job interview. Here’s how to prepare for… Read More »

5 Common Mistakes Legal Support Professionals Make When Job Searching

You put a great deal of effort into your job search – perhaps as much as you do when you’re working full time. And you want your job search to reflect your hard work by paying off with a great new legal support position. If you’re not using the best methods available to search, however,… Read More »

7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Interview Presence

Learning to make a great impression in an interview is one of the best things you can do for your career. You may bring experience, training and great references to the table, but as important as those are, they can’t save you if you don’t seem likeable, confident and professional in the interview. Here are… Read More »

2016 Career Guide for Toronto Legal Support Professionals

The new year is a popular time for resolutions: get in shape, eat better, spend more time with family. It’s also a great time to make some resolutions regarding your career. What were your career goals for 2015? Where did you meet them – or exceed your wildest expectations? Where did you fall short, and… Read More »

5 Phrases to Strike from Your Interview Vocabulary

Making a great interview impression is the key to landing a great job. You’ve polished your resume (and your shoes), thoroughly researched the company and prepared some great answers for common interview questions, but that may not be enough win the interviewer over. What you say and how you say it are critical tools in… Read More »

Can Fine-Tuning Your Tech Skills Advance Your Legal Support Career?

Tech skills are now essential for the best legal support staff. Technology has changed the practice of law in many ways, from expanding the number of practice areas in which law is disputed to changing the day- to-day tasks required for a firm or department to operate efficiently. Legal support staff with strong tech skills… Read More »

Legal Support Careers: Making 2015 Count

As the new year rolls in, most people have the same old resolutions on their minds: eat right, exercise, finally tame the household clutter. But if you’re more career-minded, your resolutions might include finding a new legal support position or pushing your career back onto the track you’ve dreamed of taking. Start 2015 off right… Read More »

How to Spring Clean Your Resume

Spring is a great time to “clean” your resume the same way you would clean and declutter your house. The sunshine, fresh air, and growing plants offer the promise of growth and excitement, allowing us to look at our resumes with fresh eyes. Updating your resume regularly is a must, especially if you’re searching for… Read More »