5 Common Mistakes Legal Support Professionals Make When Job Searching

You put a great deal of effort into your job search – perhaps as much as you do when you’re working full time. And you want your job search to reflect your hard work by paying off with a great new legal support position.

If you’re not using the best methods available to search, however, you may be missing out on some great opportunities. Here are five common mistakes legal support professionals make when job searching and how to avoid them:

  1. Sticking to the same methods. The longer your job search goes on, the more likely you are to fall into a routine. Get up, make breakfast, read the want ads, send applications…. If you stick to the same method every day, however, you’re likely to keep getting the same results. Instead, branch out by checking the ads one day, looking for job fairs, conferences, and similar events in your area the second day, and reaching out to your network on the next. Diversify your efforts for better results.
  2. Evaluating employers on practice areas alone. You’ve worked hard to develop your knowledge in a particular practice area, so it makes sense to target employers who work in that area and value the abilities you bring to the table. Not every employer who practices in your focus area, however, will offer the right “fit” for your work style and career. When deciding where to apply, learn all you can about the organization’s mission, ethics, values, and day-to-day approach to work to determine whether this is a job you’ll love.
  3. Avoiding their professional colleagues. It’s hard to talk to professional colleagues who are succeeding in their careers when you feel as if your own job search has stalled. But avoiding your colleagues merely deprives you of the chance to hear about exciting potential opportunities. Resolve to meet up for coffee, lunch, or a chat with at least one member of your network every week.
  4. Eschewing contract work. To date, you may have skipped “temporary” or “contract” listings because you’re looking for long-term work. Taking a temp position now, however, can pay off. You’ll still be able to search for that long-term job, but you’ll be making money, honing your skills, and building your professional network in the meantime. Contract work is also a great way to determine firsthand whether a particular employer offers a good long-term fit for you.
  5. Trying to “go it alone.” The job search can be lonely and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. A recruiter who specializes in placing legal support professionals can provide the support, leads, and advice you need to find a job you’ll love.

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