How to Ease the Struggle of Maintaining a Healthy Work Life Balance

Legal professionals often face long hours and complex work, which can take a toll on their work-life balance. Here are some ways to shift that balance back toward quality time spent on friends, family and personal endeavors. Use Your Time-Tracking Many legal professionals already track their work time, and the same tools you use to… Read More »

5 Tips for Managing Your LinkedIn Connections

With millions of users worldwide, LinkedIn is fast becoming the ideal place to connect with great companies, swap tips with other legal support professionals, and search for a job you’ll love. But while many LinkedIn connections are fantastic, too many connections will simply leave you feeling bewildered and unable to sort those that are really… Read More »

How to Spring Clean Your Resume

Spring is a great time to “clean” your resume the same way you would clean and declutter your house. The sunshine, fresh air, and growing plants offer the promise of growth and excitement, allowing us to look at our resumes with fresh eyes. Updating your resume regularly is a must, especially if you’re searching for… Read More »