How to Ease the Struggle of Maintaining a Healthy Work Life Balance

Legal professionals often face long hours and complex work, which can take a toll on their work-life balance. Here are some ways to shift that balance back toward quality time spent on friends, family and personal endeavors.

  1. Use Your Time-Tracking

Many legal professionals already track their work time, and the same tools you use to track billable hours can help you improve your work-life balance as well.

In addition to tracking work time, track the time you spend on other tasks for a week. Break these into broad categories, like sleep, household care, and recreation. When you know where your time goes, you can find more effective ways to redistribute the balance.

  1. Build Downtime Into Your Schedule

Driven professionals often have difficulty taking breaks during the day. They see a project that needs to be done, and they reach for it the moment they have a chance.

To improve your work-life balance, however, you need to take short breaks to recharge throughout the day.  Incorporating movement into these breaks can help both your body and mind relax, recharge and refocus. Consider taking a short walk around your building or around the block at two or three intervals throughout the day in order to reduce stress and reorient yourself to the world beyond your desk.

  1. Find Work You Love

If you hate the job you do, your stress levels will always pose a challenge. Seek out projects in your current job that align with your skills and interests. If changing what you do with your current employer isn’t an option, consider seeking work with a new employer.

  1. Bring Allies to Your Side

To tackle some of your toughest problems, it can help to have specialized professionals on your side. Consider where your toughest “sticking points” with work-life balance are, and choose your allies accordingly. For instance, if you feel a job change is necessary, consider talking to a recruiter who specializes in placing legal talent.

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