What Making the Wrong Hire Can Do To Your Business

Making a bad hire doesn’t simply cause stress for the hiring manager or human resources department. The costs of a bad hire resonate throughout a law firm or legal department, having profound effects on every aspect of the team and its work.

Here’s the toll the wrong hire takes on your business:

  1. Lost Productivity

Whether it’s due to a lack of skills or a poor cultural fit, a bad hire flounders in the position they are hired to do. As a result, they work more slowly, make more mistakes and need more help to produce quality results. The lost productivity from a poor hire has an immediate impact on the business as a whole.

  1. Sagging Morale

When the wrong hire joins the team, everyone who works with the new person can find themselves struggling. Whether they have to cover for the poor hire’s lack of knowledge or deal with mismatched communication styles or approaches to work, morale can suffer. And when team members face trouble, their engagement and work quality can drop, as well.

  1. Cultural Instability

What key values do you seek to instill in your staff and to promote throughout your company culture? When a new hire’s approach to work doesn’t align with these values, the organization’s credibility and messaging on these points is undermined. Both existing employees and potential new hires begin to suspect that the organization’s commitments are lip service, rather than lived ideals.

  1. Hiring Expenses

A new hire can be expensive, both in terms of actual recruiting costs and lost productivity resulting from having an open position. When that new hire isn’t the right choice, a law firm or legal department faces the risk of having to spend that money twice – first on the poor hire, and again to correct the hiring error. These costs can easily strain hiring budgets and make finding the right person more difficult.

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