How Your Recruiter Can Help You Prepare for Your Next Interview

Recruiters do more than simply recommend you for a posted job opening or help you find a law firm or legal department looking for a support professional with your talents. They can also help you fine-tune your resume and prepare to give an outstanding interview.

To get the most from your relationship with your recruiter, tap into their knowledge and experience in interviewing:

  1. Ask questions. If you’ve ever had pressing interview questions and wanted to ask an expert, here is your chance. Your recruiter specializes in every aspect of hiring, including good interviewing techniques. They also know the local legal industry and its key players, and they understand what particular law firms and legal departments are looking for in their legal support staff members. From “What should I wear?” to “Will this firm see my quiet nature as a fatal flaw?” asking questions can help you prepare to give the best possible interview.
  2. Seek help when you get stuck. When you prepare for an interview, it’s wise to prepare answers to some of the most common questions, like “Tell us about yourself” or “What is your greatest weakness?” Sometimes, however, these “common” questions are the ones on which candidates get most commonly stuck. If you just aren’t sure how to respond, ask your recruiter for help. They can give you tips on how to structure answers that will impress the firm or department you’re interviewing with, while still staying true to your core strengths and goals.
  3. Ask for feedback. Many recruiters interview job seekers before deciding where to recommend the candidate. If you’ve interviewed with your recruiter, ask for feedback on your performance. If you haven’t, consider asking if you can participate in a mock interview with your recruiter so you can gather tips and information on the process.
  4. Trust your recruiter’s perspective. Staffing firms have a unique perspective on the job market. They see many legal support candidates, so they know how your skills and experience compare to those of other job seekers. They work closely with law firms and legal departments, so they know which organizations are pursuing certain projects, who the key players are, and what major challenges are currently facing the legal industry. Trust your recruiter’s perspective on these “big questions” in order to help you shape your interview approach.

At Kent Legal, our recruiters specialize in matching legal support professionals to the right cultural fit in law firms and legal departments within the greater Toronto area. Contact us today to learn more.

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