4 Strategies for Boosting Team Morale

Legal work is adversarial and complex. A single case or project may stretch over months, with every detail needing critical attention and thorough research from the legal team. With so much at stake, pressure can be high – and morale can drop.

Here are four ways to improve the morale of a legal support team facing an uphill battle:

  1. Take time to remember that the work is more than just a job. Behind every legal case and question are real people with real needs, hopes, dreams, and goals. When morale flags, take the time to help support staff remember who their clients are: Companies with goals that will help others or individuals who need assistance. Staff who see their work has a higher purpose and an overall goal will feel better equipped to continue moving forward on the minutiae.
  2. Be creative when celebrating accomplishments. The deadline-driven nature of legal practice means that most staff members are perpetually looking ahead to the next required task, rather than taking the time to consider what has already been accomplished. Taking a few moments each week to reflect – perhaps during a meeting – can help employees see how far they have come, rather than becoming demoralized by how far they have to go.
  3. Make it possible to step away from the office. Working from a different location, like home or a coffee shop on a sunny day, is often all it takes to improve morale and increase optimism – without reducing productivity. Make flex time and telecommuting options easier so that staff can maintain a morale-preserving work-life balance while also ensuring that they meet necessary deadlines.
  4. Show you care. Keep track of employees’ birthdays and celebrate them with a small card, a gift, or a break for a treat. When other major life events happen in support staff’s lives, mark these as well. Showing that you care about employees as people and that their lives matter as much as their work will help keep morale high and provide a reenergizing “boost” in an otherwise stressful day.

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