How to Implement Teamwork Into a Competitive Workplace

Law is, by nature a competitive profession. The adversarial nature of litigation tends to put everyone on a competitive edge, and this sense of competition is often fostered in law school or legal support education programs. While a competitive nature can help lawyers and legal support professionals succeed, it can also harm office culture. Teams… Read More »

How to Build a Highly Impactful Team

Recruiting the right people for your team is only the first step in team building. Once you have the skilled and focused staff you need, it’s time to work on building the connections among them, so they can pool their abilities for the greatest impact. Here’s how department leaders and team heads can encourage and… Read More »

New Manager? How to Build Your Credibility

Taking on a leadership position opens many opportunities, but it also creates challenges. To build credibility as a new manager, it helps to start from a consistent, focused position. Here’s how to put yourself in that position. Believe in yourself. Promotion to a management position occurs when your supervisors and colleagues believe you have the… Read More »

Outdated Management Advice to Abandon

Studies of human behavior in the workplace have exploded in recent decades, which means that much of the management advice our parents grew up using is outdated – and in some cases, actually harmful to productivity and motivation. Here are some of the “worst offenders” and how to replace them with tools that work: “To… Read More »

Rocky Team Dynamics? How to Correct Them Before It’s Too Late

The importance of a stable and harmonious workplace is not to be underestimated. So when your legal department isn’t working well together, it can add stress and reduce productivity. Call a meeting. Often the quickest way to resolve issues is to get them out into the light of day. Give everyone a chance to air… Read More »

5 Time-Tested Strategies for Increasing Employee Productivity

Slumps in employee productivity hurt not only the languishing employee, but also the team and the entire organization. Better management can help boost productivity for both managers and employees, keeping the team thriving and even increasing morale. Here are five proven management practices that boost productivity: Use the three-step method for providing feedback. Most managers… Read More »

4 Strategies for Boosting Team Morale

Legal work is adversarial and complex. A single case or project may stretch over months, with every detail needing critical attention and thorough research from the legal team. With so much at stake, pressure can be high – and morale can drop. Here are four ways to improve the morale of a legal support team… Read More »