3 Tips for Interviewing With a Recruiter as a Legal Support Professional

If you’re seeking a legal support position or sense that it is time to make a change to further your legal career, talking to a recruiter can help you connect with top employers.

When you first meet with a recruiter, you will likely be discussing your plans in a question and answer format (i.e., an interview). Here’s how to interview with a recruiter productively in the limited time available:

Demonstrate that you know the job well.

Before the interview, make a list of the most important skills and deliverables required for a legal support position – the things you know you’ll be handling on a day-to-day basis in your dream job. During the interview with the recruiter, make it clear that you know both what these demands are and how they match up with your own strengths. If you have a particular weakness in one of these areas, talk about how you’re working to improve. The better you can describe the work you’re looking for and the work you do best, the easier it is for the recruiter to match you with a law firm or legal department that fits your abilities.

Understand the recruiter’s roles and goals.

Recruiters are typically compensated by law firms and legal departments who are seeking strong legal support candidates. Because of this, your recruiter can be your biggest supporter in the job search process, because when you accept an offer from a recruiter’s client, both you and the recruiter win.

Therefore, when you interview with the recruiter, ask for input on how to improve your chances of landing a job offer with a potential employer. Your recruiter knows these law firms and legal departments well and can provide personalized advice.

If you’re genuinely interested in working with the recruiter, say so!

Recruiters see many legal support professionals with the skills needed to succeed, but not every potentially successful candidate is a good “fit” for the recruiter or the organizations the recruiter connects with. If you feel that the relationship is a good fit for you and you’re enthusiastic about pursuing opportunities with the firms and departments your recruiter knows, say so.

The recruiters at Kent Legal can help you find a Toronto law firm or legal department that offers the legal support career opportunities you’re seeking. Contact us today to learn more.

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