3 Ways to Answer, “Where Do You See Yourself Five Years From Now?”

“Where do you see yourself five years from now?” is one of the most commonly asked interview questions.

Hiring managers and recruiters ask because they want to know about your plans and goals. They want to understand how you see your career unfolding. They also want to evaluate how your vision fits with the organization’s needs and goals.

Here are three ways to answer this common interview question:

“I want to be seen as a leader in my field, and I believe I can build that reputation here.”

If this job is directly in line with your long-term career goals, don’t be afraid to say so – and to explain exactly how the position helps you achieve those goals. For example, if you’re interviewing for a legal support position and you’re confident this organization and team are your preferred long-term home, describe the relationships and skills you plan to have built in five years.

“I plan to have the skills I need to grow into a new position, such as ___.”

Some legal support positions offer the opportunity to grow into related positions, like managing support staff teams or specializing in a certain practice area. If you have your eyes on taking this job but growing into a different role, target specific skills this job provides that will provide the basis for your eventual move. For instance, if you’re interviewing to for a legal support position in your ideal practice area, talk about how this job will help you develop the skills and reputation in this practice area you need to specialize in it.

“I’m excited about the skills I can develop in this position, like ___.”

Maybe you’ll stay in the job you’re interviewing for forever. Maybe you’ll move on. If you’re not sure either way, focus on the skills and relationships you can build in this position. For instance, choose a specific skill set or certification you’d like to acquire within the next five years, and discuss how the job’s day-to-day demands will help you develop the abilities you need to reach that goal on time.

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