3 Ways to Answer, “Where Do You See Yourself Five Years From Now?”

“Where do you see yourself five years from now?” is one of the most commonly asked interview questions. Hiring managers and recruiters ask because they want to know about your plans and goals. They want to understand how you see your career unfolding. They also want to evaluate how your vision fits with the organization’s… Read More »

How to Write a Great Letter of Reference for a Legal Support Professional

“Will you write me a letter of recommendation?” It’s hard to say no to this request. Being asked to write a reference letter or a recommendation letter for another professional is a demonstration of that person’s trust in you and your judgment. It’s also a chance to share your candid opinion and endorsement of a… Read More »

5 Questions You Should Ask During a Legal Support Job Interview

When you walk into an interview for a legal support job, you may feel like you are on trial. But in reality, interviews are a two-way street. Sure, you have to demonstrate that you have the correct qualifications for the position and possess the professionalism and attitude to be an asset to the firm, but… Read More »

Using Nonverbal Communication During an Interview to Leave a Lasting Impression

Much of what we wish to communicate is conveyed by what we say.  Even more is conveyed by what we don’t say. Like it or not, body language makes an immediate impression on others.  It can either emphasize or undermine our spoken or written statements, depending on whether it is in harmony with our words… Read More »

Five Essential Leadership Qualities in High Demand (and How to Develop Those Skills)

Leadership is best thought of not as a single skill, but as a bundle of skills, all of which can be learned and improved upon. Here are five skills that are essential to leadership and how to improve upon them in your own career. Communication An ineffective communicator can never make an effective leader. To… Read More »

6 Ways to Take Control of Your Work Life Balance

Maintaining a work-life balance in the legal field can be tough.  Deadlines are an everyday reality, clients need your time and attention, and there is always one more thing you could strike off the to-do list before going to bed for the night. But if you don’t find a good work-life balance, your quality of… Read More »

“Excuse Me?!” – How to Answer Tricky (or Unexpected) Job Interview Questions

No matter how well you prepare for an interview, you can’t predict the unpredictable.  Many interviewers like to offer one or two “curve-ball” questions in order to see how well the candidate responds to surprises and thinks on their feet. You can’t predict every question – but you can prepare in case you are caught… Read More »

10 Ways to Overhaul Your Legal Support Job Search in 10 Days

With the new year comes the opportunity to make a fresh start. Whether you’re making formal resolutions this year or simply looking to make 2016 a great year for you, start by taking a fresh look at your job search. Here are ten ways to overhaul your legal support job search in just ten days:… Read More »

4 Reasons You Need to Brush up on Your Public-Speaking Skills When Job Searching

In survey after survey, people rank “public speaking” as one of their top fears. But public speaking is a necessary skill – and one that can make or break your opportunities during the job search. Whether you decide to take a class, work with a friend, or simply practice in front of the mirror, brushing… Read More »

What Can A Legal Support Recruiter Do for Your Career?

When you are looking to advance your legal support career, partnering with a legal support recruiter can bring you better results. Recruiters have more industry expertise, more access, more experience and can do a better job than you can on your own. What Advantages Do Legal Support Recruiters Offer? Provide insight into local markets. An… Read More »