What Can A Legal Support Recruiter Do for Your Career?

When you are looking to advance your legal support career, partnering with a legal support recruiter can bring you better results. Recruiters have more industry expertise, more access, more experience and can do a better job than you can on your own.

What Advantages Do Legal Support Recruiters Offer?

Provide insight into local markets. An experienced legal recruiter will know who is hiring, who is expanding and what specific legal specialties are hot in your area.

Give you more reach. Experienced recruiters build their network over many years. They know who the real decision makers are in each firm or department and can put you in touch with them. They can also fill you in on unspoken likes and dislikes that can give you an advantage over competing candidates.

Allow you to conduct a confidential search. No matter how large a city you may be located in, the legal community can often function as a small town. Everyone knows everyone and if you are searching for a new position when you are currently employed, you stand a chance of tipping your hand – and possibly losing your job – if you try to go it alone.

Keep you informed about unadvertised opportunities. Increasingly the legal field is depending on word of mouth or recruiters to find candidates who meet their qualifications. That can make it difficult to uncover the right opportunity.

Better match your skills. As a legal support professional you know that job titles can sometimes be misleading. Does the “legal assistant” posting you are considering require more secretarial or research skills? Your legal recruiter will have the answer to that question.

Provide guidance. Is your resume as polished as it should be? Are you interviewing skills up to par? Your professionalism reflects on the recruiter, so it’s in their best interest to be certain that you present yourself well.

At Kent Legal, our recruiters specialize in matching qualified legal support staff with the right employers. Contact us to learn more about our legal support recruiting services, or browse our great legal support job openings in Toronto today!

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