The 3 Best Questions You Can Ask in Your Next Legal Assistant Interview

Interviews often prompt a mix of excitement and nervousness. When interviewing, it’s easy to feel as if you’re being asked to perform – and that you’re being judged on your performance.

A good interview, however, has as much in common with a conversation as it does with performance. The interview is your chance to find out whether the employer and job fit your work style and career goals.

To discover whether this employer and job are the right fit for you, arrive prepared with questions to help you learn more about the position.

Here are three of the best questions legal assistants can ask during an interview:

1. On what kinds of cases or issues are you currently working?

As a legal assistant, you already know that you won’t receive confidential information in response to this question (and if you do, it’s a serious red flag). But the interviewer should be able to describe in general terms some of the items currently occupying the firm or department’s attention.

Listen for topics that interest you, that you have experience in, or that you want to know more about. You may hear an opportunity to discuss a skill set or knowledge base you have that hasn’t been mentioned yet, and you’ll undoubtedly learn more about whether the work offered is the kind you want to do.

2. How much direction (or how much autonomy) is involved in this position?

Different organizations handle their legal assistants differently. In some settings, you might be closely supervised by a senior assistant; in others, you may be expected to know your job and handle critical tasks more or less on your own.

By asking about the level of direction or autonomy, you can get a better understanding of how the law firm or legal department organizes and guides its teams. Listen to a structure that fits well with your natural work style.

3. What do you consider the greatest challenge of this job?

This question gives you an inside look at how the organization perceives its work, particularly in the context of the legal field as a whole. It also implies that you’re a person who doesn’t shy away from challenges.

Listen to challenges that inspire you. Be prepared to name a particular skill or ability you have that can help the organization meet its most significant challenge.

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