3 Fantastic Jobs Available in Law Offices

It’s easy to think of law offices as a place only lawyers work. Yet lawyers rely on other staff members to help them provide the best possible legal services to clients.

Here are three fantastic jobs available in Toronto-area law offices – and you don’t even need to be a lawyer in order to excel at them.

1. Legal Accounting Manager

A legal accounting manager helps a law firm handle its finances. Legal accounting managers may handle accounts receivable and accounts payable, manage billing and bookkeeping, oversee payroll, and take on other duties related to keeping track of the law firm’s financial health.

Candidates who have experience as accounting managers and financial controllers, who can work independently and who have excellent organizational and time management skills may find that a legal accounting manager position is ideal for them.

2. Litigation Legal Assistant

Litigation is what many people picture when they think of the practice of law: A lawyer in a courtroom, making researched, impassioned arguments before a judge or jury. Yet successful litigation is a team effort. A lawyer plays just one role on the team; others are filled by various professionals, like a litigation legal assistant.

A litigation legal assistant may prepare, manage and file documents related to the case, maintain lawyer and case calendars, and take on other duties. Excellent communication and time management skills are a must, as is the ability to work independently and to put in overtime when a case requires it.

3. Insurance Defence Law Clerk

Law clerks work in nearly every area of Canadian law. In the realm of insurance defence, an insurance defence law clerk may help with trial preparation, prepare legal documents and correspondence with guidance from lawyers, manage legal files, communicate with courts and other organizations, and take on other tasks.

As with other law firm positions, excellent communication and time management skills are essential. The ability to work well on a team is a must. Most law clerks also need to know the Rules of Civil Procedure inside and out.

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