What Attracts Top Legal Support Talent in Toronto?

Finding good legal support talent can be tough. Attracting the best professional talent available can seem even more impossible – especially if your organization is small or your recruiting budget is limited. Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for mediocre staff. By working with a recruiter who specializes in placing legal support talent, you can… Read More »

Making the Most of Exit Interviews

When a legal support professional leaves, it’s natural to wonder “Why?”  And it is vital to ask. Exit interviews can be a powerful tool for determining why good people leave, identifying the weaknesses in your current structure, and addressing them in the hiring process for the person’s replacement.  Here’s how to make the most of… Read More »

Tailoring Your Strategy: Reactive vs. Proactive Hiring

When you hire, do you wait for a position to open up before seeking someone to fill it? Or do you try to anticipate your practice’s growth needs and keep track of the talent available before you’re forced to juggle an empty spot? While you can’t anticipate every hiring need, if you’re like most Toronto… Read More »

Rocky Team Dynamics? How to Correct Them Before It’s Too Late

The importance of a stable and harmonious workplace is not to be underestimated. So when your legal department isn’t working well together, it can add stress and reduce productivity. Call a meeting. Often the quickest way to resolve issues is to get them out into the light of day. Give everyone a chance to air… Read More »

New Legal Support Staff? How to Help Them Thrive in the Role

Imagine this. You hire an awesome new legal support employee. They are highly qualified, come with great recommendations and look like a great fit for your organization. They accept your offer with enthusiasm and seem to be off to a great start. Then, six months later, they hand in their notice. What went wrong? Chances… Read More »

What Should You Do If Your Best Candidate Rejects Your Salary Offer?

Finding a great legal support candidate isn’t easy. When you’ve found someone with the experience, skills, and personality to make a great addition to your team, you want them to accept your offer quickly. What do you do if their first response is “That’s not going to work for me”? A candidate rejecting your salary… Read More »

How to Find the Firm with the Right Culture Fit For You

A job posting that lists your skills and areas of experience is an exciting find. On paper, the job looks like the perfect fit – but is the firm or department the perfect fit as well? The culture of a law firm or legal department can impact your career as heavily as the tasks you… Read More »

4 Tips for Announcing Staff Resignations

Staff resignations can come as a shock to legal support and other staff members, especially when they are sudden or unexpected. By handling the announcement proactively, you help your organization stay on track and manage any lingering “skills gaps” until a qualified individual can be found to fill the position. Here’s how: Plan the announcement… Read More »

Increase Productivity by Creating an Environment of Accountability

Supervisors who hear the word “accountability” are likely to imagine themselves holding employees’ feet to the fire, demanding particular results and cracking down when goals aren’t met.  In some law firms and legal departments, such a “tough love” approach would be a recipe for disaster. But “accountability” doesn’t have to mean losing the respect and… Read More »

Four Steps to Evaluate Your Legal Support Recruiting Needs

Adding to your legal support team can relieve some of the burden on your current team, but how do you know where and when to bring on new full time or temporary people? Follow these four steps to ensure that you have the staff you require in place no matter what challenges your firm or… Read More »