How to Build a Highly Impactful Team

Recruiting the right people for your team is only the first step in team building. Once you have the skilled and focused staff you need, it’s time to work on building the connections among them, so they can pool their abilities for the greatest impact. Here’s how department leaders and team heads can encourage and… Read More »

Why Top Legal Talent Leave and What You Can Do About It

Turnover is inevitable in any law firm or legal department. When your best legal support staff or lawyers leave, however, understanding why they go can help you find outstanding replacement candidates and keep your remaining top players happy. Why Do Top Legal Professionals Leave? The most common reasons top legal professionals leave their jobs include:… Read More »

Using Onboarding to Increase Legal Support Retention Rates

One of the largest expenses for employers is employee turnover. In the legal industry the impact can be even greater. With the specialized knowledge required to work in a law firm, the learning curve for new employees is much steeper than in other industries. The right onboarding process could be the key to retaining your… Read More »