Practical Tips for Looking for a Legal Job in Toronto

Finding a job in the legal field in Toronto can be a challenge, especially if you haven’t been on the job market recently. To pinpoint the best opportunities for your skills and career goals, you’ll need to connect with the right people and resources, put your best foot forward in your application and stand out… Read More »

Want to Achieve Your Career Goals? Then Leave Your Ego at the Door

Ego is a double-edged sword. Too little, and you become a doormat, unwilling or unable to seize opportunities that appear for you because you feel you don’t “deserve” them.  Too much, and you become bullheaded – unwilling or unable to seize opportunities because you feel they don’t “deserve” you. To achieve your goals, you’ll need… Read More »

Should You Run or Should You Stay? 5 Danger Signs of a Potential Job

Ever found yourself in a job that seemed like a good fit at the time you accepted it, but in hindsight, was a disaster waiting to happen? If you have, you’re not alone – and if you haven’t, it’s not recommended.  Here are five “red flags” that indicate a potential job will be a poor… Read More »