How to Craft an Effective Litigation Assistant Resume

If you’re looking for work as a litigation assistant, you probably already possess the core skills required to succeed on the job: You’re organized, your research and writing skills are excellent, and you understand how to work on a team and to communicate with court personnel.

So how do you make yourself stand out from other litigation assistants with the same skill set? Here are several tips for crafting a resume that will set you apart:

Research the employer.

Every law firm and legal department has its own mission, goals, proudest accomplishments, and internal culture. Start by looking up the practice online. Learn all you can by reading its website, performing searches for recent news articles featuring the firm or department and its staff, and by speaking to people with the “inside scoop” – including your recruiter. Your goal is to answer the hiring manager’s most pressing question: “Why should we hire this person?”

Review the job posting.

Not all law firms are the same, and neither are all litigation assistant postings. Review the job posting to refresh your memory about the skills, accomplishments, and experience that this firm or department thinks are essential to the success of its litigation assistants. Underline or highlight any words or phrases that describe your own particular strengths.

Not sure which parts of the job posting best describe your own work? Ask a trusted colleague to look over the list and pick out the words or phrases they would use to describe you, or compare the job posting to notes from your last performance review.

Focus on your accomplishments.

Using the words and phrases you chose from the job posting, choose one or two professional accomplishments in which those skills were essential to getting the job done. List these on your resume. If there’s an accomplishment you’ve achieved that matches the firm’s or department’s recent work, mission, or goals particularly well, be sure that it is highlighted as a core accomplishment on your resume.

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