5 Reasons to Spring for the Best Legal Talent

Every law firm or legal department wants to hire the best talent they can find…don’t they?

In fact, many firms shy away from hiring an outstanding candidate if the candidate stands to be a game-changer for their organization.  Concerns about candidates being overqualified or about additional salary outlays loom large in many managers’ minds.

When your recruiter introduces you to a truly exceptional candidate, however, you should never walk away without careful consideration. Here are five reasons why:

Your recruiter’s best is also the best fit.

Recruiters spend their careers honing their expertise at matching candidates to employers.  When your recruiter recommends a candidate, they’re recommending that candidate on the basis of the candidate’s personality, work approach and career “fit” with your organization – not merely on the basis of their education or track record.  In other words, this candidate isn’t just the best. They’re the best fit for you.

A game-changer may be just who your team needs.

If productivity is lagging or your team keeps facing the same obstacles again and again, adding a game-changing legal support team member might be exactly what’s needed to give the entire team a fresh outlook on its goals, or to address repeated mistakes or outdated approaches.

Top talent helps your firm reach its goals in less time.

Just as an outstanding candidate can boost your team’s productivity, such a candidate can also revitalize your entire organization’s approach toward its goals. If there’s an area of practice you’ve thought about expanding into, or a skill set that is notoriously weak among your staff, see if your recruiter has just the person you need.

Take the strategic advantage…before your competitors take it from you.

Truly exceptional candidates never stay on the job market for long.  The candidate your recruiter is so enthusiastic about will be hired. The question is: Will the candidate be hired by your firm, or will their skills and passion serve to benefit one of your competitors, leaving your organization positioned right where it is while others outpace you?

For top talent, it’s not always about the money.

Although salary is always a consideration when hiring new staff, fears about excessive costs are often overblown when it comes to top talent.  The best legal support professionals are often willing to accept a competitive salary and benefits in exchange for an environment that offers challenging work and supports their best efforts. If you’re concerned about attracting top talent, look at offerings like flex time, telecommuting, and non-traditional benefits like paid gym memberships, in addition to your standard, competitive compensation package.

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