5 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer in Your Legal Career

Volunteering is an effective way to make a difference and connect with others. It’s also an opportunity to improve your skills, expand your network and move your career forward. Here are five reasons to consider pro bono work within the greater Toronto area:

Expand Your Skills

By working pro bono for an organization that matters to you, you gain the opportunity to practice existing skills and develop new skills and knowledge. If you’re working part time, in a contract position or are between jobs, you can also demonstrate your continued career growth even though you’re not in the full-time job you want.

Expand Your Network

Every volunteer opportunity connects you to new people, expanding your professional network. You’ll meet people who are passionate about what they do and who appreciate the time and effort you spend working on behalf of those who need your skills—and who will be willing to vouch for you.

Uncover Hidden Opportunities

Many job opportunities are never posted publicly; instead, information about them circulates through personal and professional networks. Volunteering expands your opportunities to hear about these job options, whether they’re with the organization for which you volunteer or in other arenas.

Incorporate Your Passions Into Your Work

“Work-life balance” doesn’t have to mean segregating work from the rest of your passions, hobbies and interests. When you volunteer, you discover ways to work in the service of your ethics, morals and passions. This, in turn, infuses work with additional meaning and provides ways to find meaning throughout your career.

Make a Difference

Finally, volunteering allows you to make a difference in your community. Pro bono work puts your hard-earned legal support skills to work, changing the lives of those who may otherwise have no access to the specialized abilities you’ve worked to develop. Volunteering allows you to expand your network, learn new skills, and find better job opportunities while also making your city or neighborhood a better place to live.

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