Legal Support Job Interview? 6 Things You Can Do to Prepare in 20 Minutes or Less

Good preparation is the cornerstone of a great legal support job interview. But what happens when you’re pressed for time? Perhaps you’ve been called in for a last-minute interview or you only have 20 minutes in the morning to prep before heading out the door. Here are six things you can do to prepare for your next interview in 20 minutes or less.

One: Conduct Quick Research

Hop online and find out how large the company or firm is, how many employees they have and familiarize yourself with the department you’re interviewing for. Verify you have the name of the person you’ll be interviewing with.

Two: Run Through Your Anecdotes

Make sure you have a few impressive anecdotes prepared that illustrate important things like your legal support skills, your ability to communicate well, how you’ve overcome conflict, how you handle pressure, etc.

Three: Print out Copies of Your CV

You never know if you’ll need extra copies of your CV, so print out at least three copies before leaving, so you’re fully prepared.

Four: Pack a Bag

Pack your CVs, extra pens, a notepad, printed directions to the office and anything else you may need (like reading glasses). Make sure each item is easily accessible so you aren’t digging around during the interview.

Five: Eat Something

Have a quick, healthy snack. If you’re hungry, you won’t be on top of your game during the interview and you want to avoid the embarrassment of having your stomach growl when you’re trying to impress the interviewer.

Six: Give Yourself a Pep Talk

Before you head out the door, give yourself a quick pep talk in the mirror. Remind yourself that you’ve gotten this far in your career because you’re good at what you do, and if this company or firm doesn’t hire you, it’s not the right job.

Bonus Tip: Work With a Legal Support Recruiter

Prepping for an interview can be stressful, especially when researching and preparing examples to share. Working with a legal support recruiter can ensure you’re fully prepared for every interview. Your recruiter will discuss the role with you in-depth, and provide a thorough overview of the company. They will also tell you exactly what the hiring manager is looking for, so you can prepare anecdotes tailored to the job.

When the interview is over, your recruiter will debrief with you to provide feedback so you know what you did well and where you can improve in the future if the job isn’t right for you today. If you’re ready for new challenges in your legal support career, contact the expert recruiters at Kent Legal today.

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