Want the Best Legal Support Job In Toronto? Work With the Best!

When you’re seeking a legal support job, chances are your dream position isn’t “whatever is available.” You want an organizational culture that supports your strengths, helps you improve your weaknesses, and allows you to thrive in your chosen career.

The catch? Not every law firm or legal department offers the culture you need to succeed, even though they may offer nearly identical job postings. To find the best legal support job for you, you’ll need to work with the right recruiter.

How to Choose the Best Legal Recruiter in Toronto:

Focus Locally

Recruiters with a provincial or national reach may have more law firms or legal departments in their contact book, but their wide range often comes at the expense of depth. A recruiter who focuses on the greater Toronto area, by contrast, knows the market in this area.

Locally focused recruiters have strong relationships with the organizations in the GTA. They know what a competitive compensation package for the GTA looks like, and how to balance this against cost of living and similar concerns. They also know key players in the profession, and can help you make better connections.

Focus on Your Profession

When a recruiter offers to fill a legal position, check on what else they offer, as well. Do they offer to match jobs and candidates in a wide range of unrelated fields, or do they specialize in the legal field?

A recruiter who specializes will understand the unique concerns in the legal support field. They’ll know exactly how to help legal support professionals prepare to give outstanding interviews. And they’ll be able to provide focused advice on your career path.

Focus on the Long Term

A recruiter who generalizes puts you at risk of losing touch with them once you’ve found a job. With a general approach, your recruiter may not know how to contextualize you, and may not remember how you “fit in” to your industry or career.

By contrast, recruiters who specialize in filling legal support positions in the greater Toronto area do so with the view that every candidate they meet fits into a much larger web of supportive relationships. This means you’ll be able to build a long-term relationship with your staffing firm, seeking their help and guidance throughout your career – even when you’re in a job you love.

At Kent Legal, our recruiters focus on placing legal support professionals with law firms and legal departments throughout the greater Toronto area. Contact us today to learn how we can help you find the best position for you.

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