What Should You Delegate to Your Recruiting Partner?

When you’re running a legal firm or department, you are often stretched in many different directions trying to get work done in a timely manner, meet court deadlines and keep up with the demands of clients, partners and employees. Partnering with a legal support recruiter can give you one less thing to worry about.

Building a relationship with your recruiter can make them a valued part of your team. Just as you have your own specialty within the legal field, a legal support recruiter is an expert in finding people with the ability to make a considerable contribution to your organization, attracting them to your organization and seamlessly transitioning them to your workplace.

The toughest part for you is to let go and trust your recruiting partner to be your eyes and ears, so that you can focus on more pressing priorities.

What can your recruiting partner do for you?

Cast a Wide Net

Once you’ve established a relationship with a recruiter, they can become a trusted advisor who understands which candidates are most suitable for your team. They can conduct a search confidentially if need be, reaching out to currently employed top prospects in their network, even those working for your competitors without generating conflict. They read between the lines to identify candidates who have more than the right skills and experience, but also the right temperament to thrive at your organization.

Do you need a paralegal who will need to be adept at balancing the needs and priorities of the multiple lawyers they serve? Are you looking for a legal secretary who won’t be flustered by a short-tempered partner? Are you desperate for a legal assistant who can hit the ground running for your busiest time of year? These are the kinds of requirements you can count on your recruiting partner to fill.

“Sell” Your Opportunity

It might be a little unseemly for a law firm to give a candidate the hard sell, but there is no reason your recruiter can’t do this for you. They know the perks and benefits of working for your organization, and what will make the candidate happy. Your recruiter can spell out the benefits of working for your company, compare your firm to others in the Toronto area and convince them to consider making the switch, even if they are currently employed.

Take Care of the Leg Work

There are so many steps between identifying a need to hire and having a productive employee in place. It would be nice if you could wave a magic wand and skip them all. Partnering with a legal recruiter is the next best thing. They can handle everything including writing the job description, posting the job, sorting resumes, and screening and vetting candidates. They can even help you onboard them effectively, if you require.

How much less would you worry about hiring with the right recruiting partner in place? Find out by contacting the legal recruiting experts at Kent Legal. Let us do what we do best, so you can focus on your practice.