How to Build and Nurture These FOUR Key Relationships in Your Career

When it comes to building a successful career in the legal field, it’s often who you know can make a real difference. While you should always be focused on building your skills, you should also focus on building relationships. No one ever achieves their career goals alone, so if you have ambitions beyond where you… Read More »

Implement a Legal Mentoring Program to Push Your Team to New Heights

  When it comes to developing new legal support professionals, few programs work as well as mentoring. Yet many firms overlook structured mentoring programs – to their detriment. Here, we discuss the benefits of a mentorship program and offer some key tips on building an effective mentoring system. How Does a Legal Mentoring Program Help?… Read More »

What’s Holding You Back? Why You Need to Start a Workplace Mentoring Program Now

Ask any law firm or legal department hiring team why their workplace needs a mentoring program and you’ll hear a long list of benefits.  Mentoring programs bring new staff up to speed quickly; they build lasting connections among co-workers; and they encourage teamwork and problem solving. But ask the same hiring managers whether their organization… Read More »